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Curio is a Melbourne-based education consultancy specialising in the UX/UI design of training material and academic content for tertiary educational facilities and businesses. Some of their clients include RMIT, USyd, ŠKODA and Volkswagen. 

Their focus is on improving education design to foster a better learning environment for students, taking provided curriculum materials and reframing them based on current research. 


I completed an internship as part of my degree at UNSW. The team at Curio kindly welcomed me into their co-working space, where I had the opportunity to gain new skills and experience the deeper teamwork aspects involved in professional Graphic Design work environments. Below are some of the common tasks I engaged in during my time there.

Video & Audio Editing

Curio works together with clients to film and record scripted content for their online video lectures. I was given the task of reviewing, editing and colour correcting uncut footage, refining the audio to remove background sounds and white noise for videos from the University of Sydney (pictured) as well as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


PH 1.gif


Money Image 2.png
Money Image 1.png


Asset Design & Motion Design

Curio creates infographics, motion graphics and interactive graphics with the materials provided to them, both from scratch as well as based on extant graphics.

I had the opportunity to partake in the creation of all types of graphics: I redesigned infographics, modifiying them to suit the style guides provided (IMG 1), I animated motion graphics (IMG 2), and I created assets from scratch to use in interactive designs and infographics (IMG 3). 

Redesigning Graphics

The bulk of my work at Curio consisted of improving poor quality images (pixelated, bad colours, confusing/unclear) to better reflect respective client's style guides and convey information more effectively.

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