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Business Card Mockup.jpg

As part of helping them run their farm, my clients were looking to build a simple, recognisable and friendly brand identity to present to the various customers and business partners they would be dealing with on any given day. I set up a mini style guide as well as a number of assets for them, with room to grow in the future.


Above: Decorative assets & business card notes.

Business Card

Little Alice Tax Invoice Pfolio Demo 2.j

The first asset I designed for my client was a business card. It needed both their city and country addresses as well as both the wife and husband's contact details displayed legibly.

Paddock Directory Pfolio Demo.png
Map Progress.gif

Paddock Directory

Since the clients run a small cattle farm, they own a reasonable amount of property, divided into several paddocks. The cattle need to be moved between paddocks to allow the land to rest and regenerate, and a map with boundaries, dams and gates clearly marked can really help when planning out moving patterns, which they did not previously have. I used Google Maps, Lithgow Council's official paddock boundaries map and the client's guidance to set up a simple map (see above).

Greeting Card Mockup.jpg

Greeting Card, Tax Invoice

Greeting card with a photo of my clients on the front and a cute photo of their pet with their address on the back.

One of the items that was most important to my clients was a clearly arranged, easy to fill out tax invoice for when they make sales in cattle, feed, produce etc. It can be printed out and filled out by hand, or, thanks to some tweaks in Adobe Acrobat, on the computer. 

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