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This assessment required us to create 3 double-page spreads for an imaginary art-based publication of our choice. 

Magazine Thumbnails.jpg


Contents page. Implements triangular structure to add interest to imagery being utilised, which are pulled from White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, the main theme in both spreads (seen below) created for this assignment.

Double Page 1.jpg
Double Page 2.jpg
Magazine Thumbnails.jpg

Follow the White Rabbit

Mock article about White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney. Includes gallery owner Judith Nielsen and Paris Nielsen's profile showcase in addition to indicating opening hours in right-hand corner.

Magazine Thumbnails.jpg
Magazine Thumbnails.jpg

Vile Bodies

Based on an exhibition being held at the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney titled 'Vile Bodies' at the time of writing, this spread implements the exhibition's theme in the heading while staying in conversation with the publication's style.

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