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A man wakes up in a clocktower to find himself in the midst of an alien invasion...

War of the Worlds was a major CGI animated group project created within the timeframe of 3 months in collaboration with a team of 6 artists (click on names for links to their work):

James Delaney

project director, sound design, animation

Sophie Fierz 

modelling, texturing, environment, lighting

Joshua Hargrave 

modelling, troubleshooting, rendering, lighting

Maximilian Janiszewski 

camera movement, post production, SFX

Carmen Luong 

modelling, texturing, character animation

Angela Xinyi Zhou 

modelling, character rigging, animation, SFX

Tasked with creating a piece utilising CGI and/or Special FX based on the book War of the Worlds by HG Wells, we developed this steampunk-inspired short packed with detailed scenery, gloomy lighting, suspense and action.

My work in the pipeline consisted of elements almost exclusively created within the software Autodesk Maya, where I was in charge of some modelling, most texturing, and all environment setup and lighting for the project. I also created the final title card of the short in After Effects, including its sound design. 

top + bottom: low-res progress shots of my room setup, ligthing and rendering tests.

middle, right: turnaround of clockface I modelled for project

middle, left: title card I produced in Adobe AE

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